The Questioning Everything Podcast

LIVE - Was the 2020 Election Fair?

November 14, 2020 Ngozika Season 1 Episode 1
The Questioning Everything Podcast
LIVE - Was the 2020 Election Fair?
Show Notes

This is the very first episode of Questioning Everything (QE). It’s light on content because this show is designed to be a conversation between everyday folks. 

Do you ever get annoyed by the fact that much of what we discuss everyday is dictated by mainstream media, political pundits, and “influencers”/celebrities? If so, this podcast is OUR chance to talk about anything and everything in an honest, open and inclusive environment. QE is a nonpartisan podcast, though our host, Go Zee, does discuss her own personal beliefs. The goal of this podcast is to engage communities through the greater Washington DC area around issues that impact them and deserve to be addressed. But it won’t always be so serious. Humor will always be a big part of the Questioning Everything Podcast. Additionally, the episodes are designed for adult audiences so there may future episodes that include expletives and candid conversations around adult themes such as sex, assault, and criminal cases. 

Though the show will be an honest opportunity to hear from different points of views and engage in rewarding information exchanges, there are general guidelines for participating in the show, commenting, and communicating with the show, its host(s) and guests. Those general guidelines will be shared later this week.

Thanks for tuning into Questioning Everything. New episodes will be uploaded every Thirsty Thursday at 8:00pm. Sign up here (scroll to the very bottom of the webpage) to receive reminders about when new episodes or updates are available. 

As noted in the episode, you can find QE’s host, Go Zee, on Instagram - @GototheZee and Twitter - @GototheZee. Follow Questioning Everything on Instagram (@q_e_podcast), Twitter (@q_e_podcast) and Facebook (/QuestioningEverythingPodcast). 

Lastly, please find the This American Life episode regarding voter fraud to see just how common or uncommon it actually is. Share your feedback in the comments or send us an email at




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